Line Marking Paint

Supaturf Grass Line Marking Liquid

BananaMark does between 12,000 and 50,000 lineal meters of grass line marking each week!


We rely on SUPATURF because of the amazing bright lines and the consistency of every bucket but most importantly it's because the liquid will not build up and clog pump or hoses. As long as you clean your spray tips after every use it will always be ready to spray.


Phone: Turfmark on 07 3117 9798 or go to - should you wish to purchase your own liquid for line marking. 



APCO Solvent and Water Base Road Marking Paint

We rely on apco for all our hard surface line-marking, we have found it to last longer, seems to have less cloggage and sprays evenly across the width of your line. APCO is seldom out of stock, will deliver anywhere in brisbane for a small fee and have been fantastic when we've needed paint at short notice.


Phone: (07)3355 3066 | Address: 62 pickering st Enoggera Qld 4051