Bananamark are Line Marking Specialists in Brisbane

Bananamark are Brisbane’s line marking experts with over 15 years of experience offering line marking solutions to both commercial and residential clients for any type of surface or area. Based in Rocklea QLD, we have been line marking for over 15 years with many satisfied clients in both commercial industries as well as private residential sectors.


Whatever your line marking needs we will give you a custom quotation and make a plan with various options to ensure you get the best end result. Our team has the best equipment and experience. Furthermore, we utilise the latest proven techniques to ensure all our line marking work is done to the highest of standards. Just give us a call to schedule a free consultation


Residential and Commercial Line Marking Services

We specialise in providing residential and commercial line marking services. With our expertise, we ensure impeccable safety and organisation for your spaces. Whether it's parking areas, roadways, or sports fields, our team guarantees clear and precise lines. From meticulously marking parking spaces to guiding customers and boosting curb appeal, our services create visually appealing environments. Trust Bananamark to deliver exceptional line marking solutions that bring order, efficiency and aesthetic appeal to your residential or commercial property.


Specialists in All Surfaces

During our time within the industry there is no type of surface or environment that we haven't line marked. Here is an idea of the types of surfaces that can have line markers:


  • Asphalt - This is the most common surface used for roads and car parks
  • Grass - Increase your property’s appeal to buyers, tenants and customers
  • Synthetic Grass - Whilst these can vary, the essential ingredient is essentially plastic making it perfect for line marking
  • Concrete - Like asphalt this common surface is used for large areas like industrial complexes, car parks or playgrounds
  • Metal - Most metals id clean and new and can be very effectively line-marked too
  • Wood - Like metal, most dry clean woods make a great surface for line marking paints

Expert Marking In Any Environment

These are the types of locations and places where almost any type of line marking can be utilised:

  • Private roads
  • Car parks
  • Sports fields
  • Athletic tracks & fields
  • Epoxy factories & warehouses
  • Indoor & outdoor sports courts
  • Clay tennis courts
  • School & business directory lines
  • Custom car park, field signs & stencils


How long does line marking paint take to dry?


This depends on the surface more than the paint. On asphalt or bitumen, we can make a paint mix that dries in as little as 1 hour. For concrete, we will use a different type of paint that will take over 4 hours to dry. If we are marking on thermoplastic then this can take only 5 minutes for example


How long does concrete have to dry or cure before it can be marked?


Concrete needs a moisture content of below 4% for the paint to stick properly. As a general guide: 


  •   A slab up to 150mm deep requires 4 – 6 week curing
  • For each additional 50mm of thickness, add 2 weeks of curing time
  • Please note that wet/dry weather may affect the above curing times 


What line marking paints do you use?


This depends on the surface to be line marked, how soon the area needs to be used and the extent of wear the line marking will be subject to will determine what paint we use. However, we will use one of the following paints: 

  • Water-borne Paint
  • Chlorinated Rubber Paint
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Preformed Thermoplastic
  • Highway Antiskid