Hard Surface Linemarking

Simple, Safe, Correct and Cost Effective

At Bananamark Line Marking we pride ourselves on supplying a proficient, cost effective and professional job. We are fully insured and we do work for Building Companies, Councils, Civil Construction companies, Schools, Factories, Warehouses, Body Corporates and Offices.  Check out our Photo Gallery for some of our previous work.

  • We are able to complete new jobs (new carparks/roadways.)
  • Take a lot of care when re-marking existing line marking
  • Use top quality serviced machinery for spraying, applying consistent glass beads for reflective plaint, portable lighting, line removal and anything else the job requires
  • Only use top quality product that has proven to be effective - see our "Line Marking Paint" page for further information on the paint we use


Concrete Line Marking & Yellow Edge Line Marking

Our Road Line Marking Machine has the ability to spray double lines and is also equipped with glass beads dispensers great for smaller streches of road, we can also install cats eyes and supply traffic control. We DO NOT supply thermo plastic at this time.


Car Park Line Marking

We can Line Mark any size car park, and can use a qualified surveyor for bigger jobs.  We take great pride in our professional long lasting work.


Warehouse / Factory Long Life Epoxy Line Marking

This has to be our favourite.  We have a cost effective Line Marking method for your smooth finish factory floors. Normal road paint will not last very long on this floor and although epoxy will cost more it is guaranteed to last a few years more than your normal paint. Not only that, but it is also non slip, can be cleaned, and will be sure have your indoor work area looking fantastic while meeting your Occupational health and safety (OH&S) regulations.


Epoxy is a two pack solution which sets like stone while binding itself to your surface. We insist on a 12 hour period to set so the work needs to be done at night, weekend or time where the surface area will not be used.